Conejo Valley Dog Parks

            Conejo Valley Dog Parks features dog parks in and around the Conejo Valley. Most are located in Ventura county. A few are in Los Angeles county. Below you will find an interactive map of all the Conejo Valley Dog Parks and those dog parks in surrounding areas including:

Calabasas CAAgoura Hills CAOak Park CAWestlake Village CAThousand Oaks CAMoorpark CASimi Valley CACamarillo CAOxnard CAVentura CAOjai CA, Santa Rosa Valley CA, Encino CA, Sherman Oaks CA   

A Guide To Conejo Valley Dog Parks

Top tips on how to have an enjoyable outing with your dog:

Bring a leash and spare pet waste disposal bags. Head out early on days that are forecast to be hot. Your furry friend is a lot closer to the ground than you are, and it’s much warmer there. Bring plenty of water for your pooch and yourself, especially on warm days. (most Conejo Valley Dog Parks have water fountains) Be aware of your dog’s ability and general fitness level. Just because you can do that hilly 5-mile loop, doesn’t mean your buddy can. Be prepared to carry out and properly dispose of your dog’s waste. Off-leash dogs are allowed at the locations noted on the interactive map.

It starts with respect…

Respect Conejo Valley Dog Parks and Open Space Leash your dog. When dogs are allowed to run loose, they often flush birds and animals out of their habitats. The fleeing animals use valuable energy trying to escape, and those lost calories could be needed to survive or raise young. Dogs sometimes also dig after burrowing animals, destroying their homes. Clean up after your dog. Pet waste can include bacteria and parasites that can threaten the health of our open space and the wildlife that lives in it. Keep an eye on your dog at all times. You are responsible for your dog’s behavior.

Respect Others

Some people are uncomfortable around dogs. Be mindful of your dog so that other park visitors are not anxious about their safety. Be cautious around horses. Some are startled by sudden movement or noise. Pet waste on the trail can ruin an otherwise pleasant visit to the parks. Always clean up after your dog.

Respect Your Pet

An unleashed dog could encounter cactus, ticks, coyotes, rattlesnakes, or other natural hazards. For example, curious dogs sometimes follow coyotes and end up intruding on a coyote family, with negative results. Leashed and controlled pets are less likely to get into altercations with other animals. Keep your dog licensed. That could help you find your pet if it’s ever lost. Make sure that your dog gets the mandatory vaccinations and check for other health problems regularly.

Obey the law

The Leash Law Ventura County Ordinance Section 4461, CRPD Ordinance Section 222, and COSCA Ordinance Section 223 state that all dogs must be securely leashed and the leash must be held continuously in the hands of a responsible person capable of controlling such a dog. It is not permissible to let your dog run at large day or night with or without a leash (County Code Title 10, Section 10.20.220).

The Feces Law

Ventura County Ordinance Section 4461, CRPD Ordinance Section 222, and COSCA Ordinance Section 223 state that the removal of feces of animals that defecate on District/Agency property shall be the responsibility of the owner or custodian of said animal. Pet waste disposal bags are provided in many areas; please use these or bring your own.


Licenses are required for all dogs four (4) months of age and older (County Code Title 10, Section 10.20.190). Remember… when you visiting one of the many Conejo Valley Dog Parks: relax, breathe and have fun!

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