What is Keller Williams Sports + Entertainment (KWSE)

KW Sports + Entertainment is a curated, lifestyle brand within Keller Williams – the world’s largest real estate technology franchise by agent count with more than 1,100 offices and 200,000 associates. Keller Williams is also No. 1 in units and sales volume in the United States. In other words, our collective reach and resources are unparalleled matched up against any other real estate brokerage in North America.

What we do for your clients
• The procurement of local housing (leasing and purchases)
• Sales of current primary and secondary residences (listings)
• Extensive knowledge of local cultures, communities, and amenities
• Real estate investment opportunities (residential, commercial, and land)
• Real estate education and consulting programs

Our commitment
• Nothing is more important than privacy
• The budget is the budget
• We stay in our lane
• Our coverage is second to none

Nothing is more important than privacy

We prioritize privacy, professionalism, and discretion – these
factors are guiding principles of our community and all of our
KW Sports + Entertainment agents deeply respect and appreciate the value of
confidentiality. A continuous effort from the top down ensures
the needs of a high-profile client are met and upon request,
specific actions are taken to keep real estate transactions
anonymous. You can have confidence that our KW Sports + Entertainment agents
hold privacy and discretion to the highest regard.

The budget is the budget
Our KW Sports + Entertainment agent team operates within the customized
parameters of the desired location, property features, and
budget. Our KW Sports + Entertainment agent team’s purpose is to add value and
come from contribution to cultivate relationships, without
motivation to upsell our clients outside of the scope provided.

KW Sports + Entertainment is the most extensive and comprehensive one-stop,
concierge-based entity servicing the private real estate client,
with a focused approach tailored to client needs that ensures

We stay in our lane
At our core, we are real estate agents and we stay in our
lane – nothing more, nothing less. KW Sports + Entertainment agents consult our
clients in any and all things real estate, but will never discuss
services out of scope including wealth management, sports
agency decisions, or any other topics unrelated to the specific
real estate transaction. Rest assured, KW Sports + Entertainment agents’ ONLY focus is
to find the best lease, purchase, or investment property
requested by the referral source in their market.

During this process, it is the KW Sports + Entertainment agent’s fiduciary duty to find
the most suitable and perfect property for their client, and if the
agent determines any changes or adjustments are needed, they
will report back to the referral source before discussing it with the

Our coverage is second to none
The Keller Williams Sports + Entertainment division is a
high-octane community comprised of over 1,000 like-minded
real estate agents.

This unparalleled coverage ensures transparency, accountability,
and hyperlocal resources in major metropolitan cities and small
markets alike.

Collectively in 2021, KWSE agents closed over $16B in residential
real estate transactions in over 330 Market Centers across North

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