15 Reasons Why You Should Move to Simi Valley

Eric & Debra Ross
Published on May 17, 2016

15 Reasons Why You Should Move to Simi Valley

15 Reasons Why You Should Move to Simi Valley, CA

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In different ways Simi Valley could be mistakenly regarded as the “Land Before Time.” This city lies between the Simi Hills and the Santa Susana Mountains, surrounded by warm and bright red rocks.

Simi Valley is widely known for a couple of attributes. Firstly, it is generally regarded the safest or second safest city after Thousand Oaks. Secondly, it is where the Reagan Library is located, and with that making it a frequent destination for Republican presidential debates. Thirdly, it is home to the Grandma Presby’s Bottle Village, a great example of folk art in the great state of California. Fourthly, the jury that exonerated Rodney King defendants, which subsequently caused LA riots was based in Simi Valley. Simi valley is also the site for the shooting of the acclaimed movie Poltergeist, along with many other famous Television shows and Feature Films. There’s also a lot more visitors and residents can immerse themselves in when in Simi Valley. Therefore, if your considering making the move to Simi Valley… read on 🙂

Making the Move to Simi Valley

Every area does come along with its fair share of quirks and perks, and if you are a new resident to Simi Valley, it will be somewhat hard to know much until you’ve lived here for a while. The good thing about this city is that such quirks and perks are tame and there are plenty of interesting things to know.

Simi Valley is an adjacent city to Los Angeles, and it exhibits an amazing small-town vibe. Most of the city’s residents have loved it, and it was recently rated as one of the best cities to work in according to a News Group of readers in Los Angeles.

And it isn’t just the working class who love the city, entrepreneurs also believe Simi Valley is a great destination to setup shop. I think the city’s vibrant atmosphere is the main reason people enjoy Simi Valley. There are numerous wide-open spaces, amazing views of adjacent mountains and in overall a safe community.

Anecdotally, I’ve heard from businesses that have come to setup shop here that their employees tend to become more productive. Maybe it’s something in the drinking water, or the city’s nice and relaxed atmosphere. If you go into the city’s neighborhoods and find residents pushing their strollers down the street – you’ll most likely hear everyone pass their greetings.

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Simi Valley Highlights (getting warmer to making the move to Simi Valley)

Located in Southern California around the Santa Clara River Area and northwest of Los Angeles, CA

County: Ventura

Profile: suburban complex/relaxed town

Metro Area: Conejo Valley, Thousand Oaks, Ventura Metro Area

Real Estate: For Rent and for Sale

Simi Valley – Quick Facts

Cost of Living

In comparison, Simi Valley has a cost of living that’s 61.90 percent higher than the national average. Now that’s a good positive for anyone looking to move to Simi Valley.


Simi Valley’s unemployment is 5 percent, much lower than the national U.S. average of 6.30 percent. Job growth has been on the positive with an increase of 0.71 percent, much better than other cities in the region.


As of January 2015, Simi Valley had a population of 124, 345 people. The population has been gradually growing at a steady rate of 10.04 percent since 2000.


Average commuting time in Simi Valley is 29 minutes, a bit higher than the national average of 25 minutes.


In Simi Valley, public spend $10,282 per student slightly lower than the national U.S. average of $12,435. The teacher to student ratio in Simi Valley is 1:24.

Real Estate

The average cost of a home in Simi Valley is $460,200. The value of homes in Simi Valley has appreciated 17.50 percent in the last year.

Housing Market in Simi Valley

It’s always a good time to purchase property in Simi Valley, especially considering that the value of homes has appreciated by 17.5 percent over the last year.

If you are planning a move to Simi Valley you may want to take a peek at the following 15 reasons to determine whether or not making a move to this affluent, dynamic and vibrant city is for you.

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Drum roll please…

  1. Simi Valley has a Rich History


Simi Valley dates its origins back to the Chumash Indians who were the first to inhabit the area some 10,000 – 12,000 years ago. They survived on what nature provided, farmed and hunted for game. Since they lived along the coast, they always had an abundant supply of fish which they got from the ocean. Further inland they processed and ate acorns from oak trees, seeds from sage and small animals.

The Chumash Indians were arguably the moved advanced native people in California. Prehistoric cave paintings help us realize and understand just how much these people knew well before the arrival of settler Spanish people. Famous pictographs of their paintings can be seen at Burro Flats located near the Rocketdyne facilities. Over the last couple of years, we have learned the massive importance of these pictographs. One cave with pictographs is believed to have been an astronomical observatory in which celebrations where held during the winter solstice. The Chumash celebrated the sun’s return before they understood that their existence and survival depended on it.

The Chumash Indians build wooden canoes using only stone implements. These canoes were seaworthy enough to sail across Santa Barbara Islands. They were also very skilled at making wooden bowls, which were so perfect and intricate such that they looked like they had been crafted from wooden lathe.

There were just so many Chumash settlements which made the move to Simi Valley and surrounding areas that there’s still a lot more to be studied and discovered about them. Some writers attest to the name Simi originating from the Chumash word “Shimiji”, which meant little clouds (like the kind you see during Santa Ana or the East Wind).

When Spanish settlers came into the area, they saw the Chumash Indians as more superior than other native Indians in California.

  1. Simi Valley Has Controlled Growth


Our lovely county and city keeps urban sprawl well in check. The hill sides are always protected from environment degradation and other unnecessary developments. The adverse effects of controlled growth are that lower population numbers sill significantly contribute to limited types of services and business that survive in regulated cities. This means, it becomes difficult to have our cake and feast on it too. The good thing however about a move to Simi Valley is that it is located in proximity to attractions around Los Angeles county as well as north west in Ventura county, and with that ensuring that Simi Valley maintains its small city feel loved by residents and visitors.

  1. Simi Valley Climate


This goes without saying, a move to Simi Valley offers one of the best climates in the country, especially for those who enjoy warm summers and mild winters. The city only experiences 16.5 inches rain during 25 days of the year, 277 sunny days and there’s no snowfall. The weather in Simi Valley is almost picture perfect. January is the coldest month of the year with an average low of 68, with August being the warmest month with an average high of 96. However, bear in mind that this gorgeous weather does come with risk with the Geological Survey revealing a 95.2 percent chance of a major earthquake striking within 50 miles of the city by 2063. This is why if you consider relocating to the region, be prepared for an earthquake striking at any point in time.

Wildfires do occur in the area. Climate in the city tends to cool down during winter months when average temperatures are in their 50s. Due to their low elevation, the Simi Hills generally mild, rainy winters. The Simi Hills rarely experience snow, even in their highest areas. Variations in temperature between day and night tend to be large during summer with differences that can reach 38. Average annual precipitation in Simi Valley ranges around 18.3 inches. Winter tends to be much wetter than summer. February is the wettest month with average rainfall reaching 4.6 inches. The city receives an average of 16 inches rainfall a year, much lower than the national average of 37 inches. Zero snowfall, while the national average is 25 inches.

  1. Simi Valley, Great Transportation Options

Simi_Valley_Transportation_Bus  Simi_Valley_Transportation_Train

A move to Simi Valley offers residents and visitors a variation of transport options. The Simi Valley Transit runs four bus routes six days a week. Three of the routes run across Simi Valley while the fourth offers a service to Chatsworth. The service caters for disabled Americans and takes pride in efficiency, reliability and a friendly and professional staff. The Metrolink Ventura Line offers a service to Los Angeles’ Union Station with some additional connections to different places. Amtrak also has a station in Simi Valley and offers services to different parts of the region with connections to other far-away destinations.


The Simi Valley train connects and covers areas like Chatsworth/Northridge, LA Union Station and East Ventura.


The Amtrak station at Simi Valley offers connections to San Diego and San Luis through Santa Barbra and Los Angeles, the Pacific Surfliner offers travelers an amazing vantage on California’s southern seascape. To get a closer view, you would have to be on a surfboard, which you can bring along aboard as the Pacific Surfliner is designed with racks to accommodate the boards and bikes of outdoor enthusiasts.

Right from the south end of the route, you will find a host of attractions in the sunny city of San Diego. Stroll by the many shops and restaurants or take in a thrilling show at SeaWorld. You may even be interested in taking a peek at the iconic Victorian Hotel del Coronado.

Heading northbound, the route will take you through Anaheim, and thus making the Pacific Surfliner your perfect gateway to the Disney California Adventure Park and Disneyland.

  1. Friendly and Diverse Neighborhoods in Simi Valley


There’s wide-range socioeconomic diversity in Simi Valley, with many of the affluent residents living in local neighborhoods such as: Indian Hills, Big Sky, Santa Susana Knolls, and Wood Ranch to name a few. Notable streets and neighborhoods for educational sites are Cochran Street, Royal Avenue and Yosemite Avenue. Since its incorporation in 1969, Simi Valley has up until now offered residents and visitors sought after city services blended with countryside living. The Department of Community Services Neighborhood Councils, which was established back in the 70s, collaborates with local government on disaster preparedness, public safety and district traffic.

If you decide to make the move to Simi Valley, rest assured it’s widely regarded a real bedroom and family town community. If you’re an urban dweller, the area shuts down just about the same time as Target and Walmart close their doors at 10pm. The nightlife doesn’t have much to offer for its mostly working class residents, but you can still find some fancy spots if you look in the right places. However, this family friendly environment consists of many active people who enjoy outdoor life as well as active lifestyle noted by the neighborhoods dotted with boats, jet skis, RVs, ATVs etc.

The local population in Simi Valley is divided as follows: 65 percent Caucasian, 1 percent African American, 7 percent Asian and 1 percent Native Hawaiian or Native American. 6 percent denote other races or ethnicities. 20 percent of the city’s residents are either Hispanic or Latino.

  1. Top of the range Medical Facilities in Simi Valley


Simi Valley has a range of top notch medical facilities and hospitals offering special care from mild medical conditions to severe ones like surgery. Residents enjoy a range of good medical care facilities.

Simi Valley Hospitals

Simi Valley Hospital is the main healthcare facility in Ventura County. It is also a surgical facility that takes pride in being the leading hospital of choice due to its range of quality medical services. Once you decide to make the move to Simi Valley and call it your home, make sure to know the range of medical resources at your disposal.

Popular hospitals in the city include:

  • Lase Spine Institute – a leader in invasive spine surgery in and around the Simi Valley area
  • Bradford Health Services – bring hope to families and patients, fully committed to providing effective treatment for all in the Simi Valley area and surrounding areas
  • Alta California Medical Group – caters for general medical conditions, including surgery
  • University Foot & Ankle Institute – caters for maternity care, surgery and so on
  1. Top of the Range Hotels in Simi Valley

Simi_Valley_Hotel_Grand_Vista  Simi_Valley_Hotel_Courtyard_Marriot  Simi_Valley_Hotel_Best_Western

Whether you live in Simi Valley or just visiting, you can always be sure to find a range of quality hotels to suit your budget and taste. Popular hotels in town include Grand Vista Hotel, Holiday Inn Express Simi Valley and Courtyard Ventura.

Grand Vista Hotel

Great price for the high level quality offered. Very quiet and amenities include; fitness room, swimming pool, restaurant, bar and plenty of parking. It is located in proximity to shopping areas and offers complimentary. A Shuttle can service can be arranged in advance.

Best Western Posada Royale Hotel & Suites

A 4/5 rated hotel according to Hotels.com. Conveniently located with easy access to different amenities in the city. Rooms are comfortable with a range of facilities like TV, furniture, Wi-Fi and coffee making facilities. Free breakfast is available as well as a warm pool. Family-friendly hotel with plenty of parking.

Motel 6

A perfect hotel for the price. Offers a range of modern amenities like Wi-Fi, TV etc. conveniently located and offers easy access to shopping malls. Plenty of overnight parking and swimming large enough for the family.

Holiday Inn Express

A nice and conveniently located motel just off the 118 freeway. Has friendly and professional staff coupled with the amenities you would expect from a modern establishment.

  1. Simi Valley, Subdued but Interesting Nightlife

Simi_Valley_Nightlife_movies  Simi_Valley_Town Center

The nightlife in Simi Valley is somewhat insouciant and more restrained when compared to other cities in the region. Considering that it is a mostly family oriented community, it goes without mention that many residents will be tucked away in their homes preparing for work the following morning or helping their kids with homework.

Despite this, if you are in the area you can still find something to suit your taste. Many of the interesting places can be found on Los Angeles Avenue, which tends to become alive after sunset. Popular nightlife spots in Simi Valley include:

Golden Nugget Pub

Located right in the heart of Simi Valley, this pub has been around for the last half century. With a recent addition of 20 craft taps, it is a stable for Simi Valley and other surrounding areas.

The majority of their 26 taps pour a variety of rotating craft beers, which come fresh and cold to quench the thirsty.

Golden Nugget frequently hosts events and competitions, probably an excuse to get patrons drinking more.

Mr. Hukka Mediterranean Café

Located on Los Angeles Avenue, this is the newest addition of the Hukka business tree. Over the last couple of years, this café has been providing accessories and hookahs through different online retailers. Their knowledge of all things about hookah is what makes this lounge very unique. Not only do they have some of the best products, but they only serve what they sell.

Mr. Hukka specializes in providing delicious food, amazing cocktails and fantastic hookah. In a contemporary lounge setting, this café offers an old social tradition which guests are sure to appreciate and enjoy.

Billiard Plaza

Can be best described as fun as it comes with a Cosmic pool, 17 Brunswick tables, Beer Pong, Ping Pong, Internet Jukebox and Darts. If that isn’t enough to keep you entertained, then you may want to check the alcohol section.

Want a drink? Billiard Plaza serves a wide assortment of beverages to keep that inner alcoholic beaming with vehement happiness….food and snacks will keep you filled while enjoying your favorite brews.

Rusty’s Bar & Grill

Located at Madera Road, this bar & grills serves ice cold beers and saucy, juice steak chops. Certainly worth checking out when in Simi Valley. Happy hour is from 5-6pm.

  1. Simi Valley Has a Lucrative Job Market


With an unemployment rate that’s lower than the U.S. national average, Simi Valley offers plenty of opportunities for those looking to live here. Big companies in the city include: Ultimate Software; In-N-Out Burger; Keller Williams, Apple Inc. and Intuit. Many local graduates secure jobs in these corps.

Top employers in the city are:

There are dozens of local sites that post daily job listings

  1. Simi Valley has Quality Education

Simi_Valley_High_School  Simi_Valley_Royal_High_School

The Simi Valley Unified School District runs the education system in Simi Valley. In 2013 and 2014, Santa Susana High School was named silver medal winner according to the U.S. News & World Report’s among the top 500 Schools in the United States.

MSNBC named Simi Valley High School as being among the Top 1000 High Schools in America. Other institutes of higher education located near Simi Valley include Cal State Northridge, Moorpark College, California Lutheran University, California State Channel Islands, University of LaVerne, Ventura College, University of Santa Barbara California, Oxnard College, Louis Brandeis Institute of Justice, Eternity Bible College, University of Southern California, Pepperdine University, Caltech, American Jewish University, Valley College, UCLA, University of La Verne and Loyola Marymount University.

Simi Valley has five high schools: Grace Brethren High School, Apollo High School, Simi Valley High School, Santa Susana High School and Royal High School.

Three middle schools are located within Simi Valley: Sinaloa Middle School, Valley View Middle School and Hillside Middle School.

  1. Simi Valley Offers Great Recreation and Attractions

Simi_Valley_Golf  Simi_Valley_Parks  Simi_Valley_Parks_Playground

There are many recreation areas and attractions in Simi Valley. In total, there are 50 parks in Simi Valley and these are managed by the Rancho Simi Recreation and Park District. These 50 parks are divided into urban city parks, open parks and trail systems. They cover an area spanning 5,600 acres for use by the public including some land on the Simi Hills. The main purpose of these areas is to preserve the natural landscape and serve as a wildlife corridor to protect animals and flora.

Simi Valley also has six golf courses as well as nature trails that are perfectly suited for bicyclists, equestrians and hikers to enjoy. Two baseball teams: California Oaks and Simi Valley Senators of the California Collegiate League provide local sporting action for the community.

Rocky Peak, located east has trail systems suited for hiking, mountain biking and other equestrian activities, and these are great for any outdoor enthusiasts. The trail can be accessed at Kuehner Road off the 118 freeway, Rocky Peak or from Yosemite Road located a mile north. Trailheads are: The Chumash Trail, Hummingbird Trail or Rocky Peak Fire Road. I wouldn’t recommend these trails to amateurs because of their steep grades and other technical aspects on trails.

Numerous trails are also available to the southwest and these are accessible for hiking, equestrian activities and mountain biking. The intersection at Long Canyon Parkway and Wood Ranch Parkway offer easy access to the Wood Ranch Open Space. Alternatively, you can use the nearby trailheads at Thousand Oaks or Challenger park. The trail system here travels west as far as highway 23, and to the east towards the Rocketdyne facility. Simi Peak is the highest point in Simi Valley and be accessed from this trail through China Flats.

Popular public parks in Simi Valley include:

  • Arroyo Simi Trail
  • Arroyo Park
  • Atherwood Park
  • Arroyostow Park
  • Big Sky Park
  • Berylwood Park
  • Challenger Park, which connects to Westlake Village and Thousand Oaks
  • Citrus Grove Park
  • Chumash Park

Attractions and points of interest in Simi Valley include:

Plenty of wildlife also resides in the hills and trails of Simi Valley and take note that some of these residents can be extremely dangerous especially rattlesnakes, mountain lion and black bears. Other residents in the area include; deer mouse, brush rabbit, valley coyote, gray fox, skunk, Virginia opossum and plenty of bird species. There’s just so much for the eyes to gorge on.

  1. Simi Valley Offers Easy Access to Major Airports


Simi Valley can be accessed via two main airports located within 50 miles of the city.

Hollywood Burbank Airport (BUR) also referred to as Bob Hope Airport is located 24 miles from Simi Valley and just 3 miles from Burbank. Nonstop flights can be found to mostly western cities in the U.S. and some to eastern cities like New York.

Los Angeles (LAX) is the second nearest major airport to Simi Valley. The airport is located some 31 miles from Simi Valley and is largest in Los Angeles and all of California. It is one of the most important and busiest airports in the United States with daily flights to many U.S. cities and other global destinations. LAX also offers connections and serves as a hub for airlines like Delta Air, American Airlines, Alaska Airlines, Virgin America and United Airlines. It also serves as a prime destination for other international carriers like Air New Zealand, Spirit Airlines, Volaris and Qantas.

  1. Simi Valley Has a Mixed Culture and Contemporary Life


One thing Simi Valley residents excel in is making the most of mother nature. Between ice rinks, bike trails, pools, tennis courts and golf courses, residents are always up to some fun while getting on with their outdoor exercises. If you are not a fan of personal sporting happenings, you can join any of the many community-based recreation activities and spend your time surrounded by a flourishing forest and sandstone cliffs.

Home to the Airforce One Pavilion and the Ronald Regan Presidential Library & Museum, Simi Valley offers and educational and modern atmosphere for those interested in knowing more about America’s past president. Of course dancing and dining are always on the local population’s agenda with different clubs and eateries to frequent.

Registering Your Car is Pretty Straightforward

Once you complete your move to Simi Valley, to complete the vehicle registration process, your vehicle will have to be inspected by the California Division of Motor Vehicles. You’ll have to register your vehicle within 20 days of being a resident of Simi Valley. You will be required to produce weight and certification, your out of state issued title and insurance. You’ll also have to acquire a California driver’s license within 10 days of being resident. You must pass traffic, vision and road sign tests.

  1. Simi Valley Has Some Good Infrastructure

Simi_Valley_CA  Simi_Valley_CA_Welcome

The Montalvo Cutoff railroad opened in 1904 runs from the east to west right through the valley. The once longest train tunnel in the U.S. was built in Simi Valley, and today Tunnel 26 still stands and links San Fernando Valley and Simi Valley. At one time, the longest tunnel in U.S. history was built in Simi Valley, and that was back in 1905.

Apart from the good rail system which is used by Metrorail and Amtrak, Simi Valley also has a modern and well developed road network. You can easily get on the Ronald Reagan Highway and drive yourself to Los Angeles or connect to other parts of the state without experiencing much delays on the roads. Streets and buildings are pretty modern with a cosmopolitan setup, much spacious than the likes of Los Angeles and other bigger cities in the state. Note that Simi Valley Train Station is not staffed and passengers will need to purchase their tickets through travel agents, conductors, by telephone or via the Metrolink and Amtrak websites.

The U.S. Postal Services runs the Simi Valley Post Office located at Galena Ave, the Mount McCoy Post Office at Simi Village Drive and the Kopy King Post Office located at Tapo Street. The city also has its own police department which contracts the County Fire Department for fire protection services. Six fire stations are within Simi Valley limits as well as a recently built state of the art police station.

  1. Great Places to Eat In Simi Valley

Simi_Valley_Dining  Simi_Valley_Dining_Out

Simi Valley rates as one of the best destinations for fine dining in the great state of California. You can almost be sure of coming across a place to dine at every corner. If you can’t get enough of greasy spoon food, head out to Chi Chi’s Pizza, Bamboo Café, Neptune’s Net Restaurant (about 25 minutes away), or any of the sprawling diners and drive-ins in Simi Valley

Restaurants with Kids

Looking for a restaurant in Simi Valley to take your family? Well… Eggs N Things, Chi Chi’s Pizza or Pho So 1 are among the best in my list of top family-friendly restaurants. They serve an array of tasty delicacies that will leave the family in good spirits. Simi Valley has several restaurants that have proven great favorites in California.

Cafes and Bakeries

Looking for a snack in town or a sinful pastry? Simi Valley has a list of some highly rated cafes and bakeries around. Some popular places for the locals are Skiffs Cakes, Corner Bakery or Garcia’s Bakery. The list goes on, and you can be sure of finding a good place that suits your taste.

Fine Dining

It’s a fact that the Simi Valley area offers some of the best dining experiences around. Some of the our finer dining spots in town can be found at Larsens Restaurant, Betos Italian Bistro and Atlas Mediterranean Kitchen.

Pub Food

Ice cold beer, fish, chips and lots more await you any of the favorite diner and drive-in spots in town like Cronies, The Dugout, and Buffalo Wild Wings which are some of best spots for local dining in the Simi Valley area. There’s always so much to try in Simi Valley, and you’ll always be in reach of your favorite pub tastes.

Top Restaurants

I’ve already mentioned this before, and will further reiterate that some of the best restaurants around can be found right here in the heart of Simi Valley. Whether you crave seafood, Mediterranean cuisine, Mexican or whatever, there are a couple of joints where you can satisfy the palate. Head out to Junkyard Café and Ken of Japan for some hidden gems in town.

Eggs N Things

Dating back to 1974 Eggs N Things has been at the pinnacle of serving delicious and hearty breakfast and lunch delicacies. This restaurant is a preferred choice for the local Ventura County population because of the high quality food and fresh ingredients it serves. The atmosphere is fresh, pleasant and welcoming and so are the friendly staff. Whether looking for a quick bite on the run or a full English breakfast, Egg N Things sets the bar for everyone.

Pho So 1

Whether you’re keen on trying out a rice dish, an appetizer, a bowl of Pho or some dessert, Pho 1 has you covered. This restaurant doesn’t only specialize in Pho – a Vietnamese noodle soup, but it also has different and authentic dishes you will be sure to enjoy. If you are looking for place that will meet and satisfy your dining needs, hop in to Pho So 1 and take your pick.

Chi Chi’s Pizza

Authentic quality Italian food. Family owned and operated. Made from scratch Pizza and Pasta. Chi-Chi’s Pizza, recognized by their famous logo of the friendly chef with the heavy rimmed glasses, headquartered in Chatsworth, California with locations in the San Fernando Valley, Santa Clarita, and Simi Valley is celebrating its 58th year in business. There’s also a large selection of beers as well as an extensive list of wines to wash down with your food. You’ll feel right at home and this restaurant is ideal for the entire family.

Larsen’s Grill

An upscale steakhouse in Simi Valley that specializes in only the freshest seafood and prime steaks in town. Ingredients are flown in daily from different parts of the state. With a great ambiance and impeccable service, this restaurant offers a classic steakhouse feel that comes with a modern twist. A lounge large enough for everyone and a warm dining room provide the perfect escape from the throbs and hassles of a busy city.

Red’s Barbecue & Grillery

No doubt the best barbecue joint in town. This love affair dates back to 1992 and features finger licking and mouthwatering ribs, juicy chicken, tender tri-tip and jam-packed BBQ beef sandwiches. And it doesn’t just stop there, this is the start. The menu also features some scrumptious oversized salads. You definitely don’t wanna miss the chopped BBQ Chicken Salad, a great treat worth the try.

Junkyard Café

The junkyard Café serves awesome and the beer always comes ice cold, served in 20 ounce schooners. It certainly does live up to expectation in a city that’s widely regarded as a top dining destination in the state. Head out to Junkyard Café and try out the different eateries they have on their menu.

I’m sure after reading this section you can be sure of never going hungry when visiting or just looking for a good place to try your favorite delicacies in Simi Valley. Go on and see where to find the right restaurant to fill you up.

Final Thoughts About Moving to Simi Valley

If you are thinking of moving to Simi Valley, as you can now see, Simi Valley is a really a great place to live, work, play and study. There’s always something to do, and you can be rest assured of not being bored or running out of ideas on what to do. Ranging from its rich history, low unemployment rates, low crime, good infrastructure, higher standards or living and educational and medical institutes to name a few, Simi Valley certainly is the place to be in California. If you have any questions about Simi Valley, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we’ll be happy to help.

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