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Why move to Thousand Oaks CA

Anyone considering a move to Thousand Oaks, CA will find that it has a lot to offer. Thousand Oaks also has its own unique character. The community is close-knit and there is a strong sense of pride in the city. The schools are excellent and there are plenty of opportunities for residents to get involved in the community. In addition, the city is surrounded by beautiful scenery, making it an ideal place to call home. If you’re looking for a safe place to raise a family or simply want to feel secure in your home, look no further than Thousand Oaks. The city consistently ranks high in safety surveys and has low crime rates. The city is home to many schools, both public and private. The most notable of these is California Lutheran University, which is a large university with a diverse student body. The city also has several elementary and secondary schools, as well as a few specialty schools. You’ll be able to enjoy your time living here without having to worry about your safety. In addition, the city offers a variety of shopping and dining options, as well as numerous cultural and recreational activities. Whether you’re looking for an exciting urban environment or a more laid-back suburban lifestyle, Thousand Oaks has something to offer everyone.

Things To Do in Thousand Oaks CA

One of the great things about Thousand Oaks is that there’s something for everyone. For nature lovers, there are plenty of hiking trails and parks to explore. The city is home to plenty of parks, including Wildwood Regional Park, which features hiking and biking trails, picnicking areas, and scenic views. The Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area covers a large portion of Thousand Oaks and offers stunning views of the area. In addition to its natural beauty, Thousand Oaks is also home to a number of cultural attractions. The Bank Of America Performing Arts Center is a great place to see a concert or play, and the Thousand Oaks Library offers a wide selection of books and resources. For those who prefer indoor activities, there are plenty of shopping centers and malls. The Oaks Mall is the largest shopping center in the city, and it’s home to a variety of stores, from high-end boutiques to discount retailers, as well as a food court and movie theater. If you’re looking for a more unique shopping experience, head to The Janss Marketplace. This open-air mall features a mix of specialty stores, restaurants, and entertainment options. For foodies, Thousand Oaks has no shortage of great restaurants. Whether you’re looking for a casual burger joint, a quick bite to eat, or a more upscale dining experience, you’ll be able to find it here. For those looking for a fun night out, Tipsy Goat and Sunset Terrace are popular nightlife destinations. No matter what you are looking for, Thousand Oaks is sure to have something for all.

Neighborhoods in Thousand Oaks, CA

North Ranch

An upscale neighborhood known for its luxurious homes, large lots, and beautiful golf courses.

Lynn Ranch

Offers a peaceful suburban lifestyle with its spacious properties, horse-friendly environment, and scenic trails.

Dos Vientos

Features a family-friendly atmosphere, excellent schools, picturesque views, and access to hiking and biking trails.

Oakbrook Village

Offers a close-knit community, well-maintained parks, convenient shopping centers, and excellent schools.

Newbury Park

Boasts a suburban charm, excellent schools, numerous parks, and easy access to hiking trails and open spaces.

Conejo Oaks

A sought-after neighborhood known for its large lots, mature trees, and proximity to the Los Robles Golf Course.

Lang Ranch

A peaceful community with well-maintained homes, beautiful views, and easy access to hiking and biking trails.


Offers a tranquil environment with its abundance of green spaces, hiking trails, and proximity to Wildwood Regional Park.

Entertainment filmed in Thousand Oaks CA

Some of the most popular films that have been filmed in Thousand Oaks include “The Omen,” “Click,” “Twister,” and “We Bought A Zoo.” In addition, Thousand Oaks has been the setting for several TV shows, such as “Beverly Hills, 90210” and “Melrose Place”. In addition to its natural beauty, Thousand Oaks also offers a variety of amenities and facilities that make it an ideal place to film entertainment. With its convenient location and wide array of resources, it’s no wonder that Thousand Oaks remains a popular choice for filmmakers.