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Westlake Village is an amazing planned community that overlaps the Los Angeles and Ventura county line. The east portion is the incorporated city of Westlake Village, situated on the western edge of Los Angeles County, California. The city of Westlake Village is located in the area known as the Conejo Valley, covers 50% of the area surrounding Westlake Lake, and quaint neighborhoods mainly south of the 101 freeway and east of La Venta Drive. The population was estimated to be at 8,473 in 2014, which is up from 8,368 at the 2000 census. Westlake Village Homes for Sale

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The original area was known as “Westlake”. Approximately two-thirds of it was annexed by the city of Thousand Oaks in two portions, in 1968 and 1972. In 1981, the remaining third eventually incorporated as the City of Westlake Village. Westlake Village Homes for Sale

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Facts and history of Westlake Village CA

The Area

Settled warmly in the northern foothills of the Santa Monica Mountains in western Los Angeles County, the City of Westlake Village is 8.97 miles inland from the Pacific Ocean and 37.8 miles west of downtown Los Angeles. Involving just 5.375 square miles, averaging 898 feet above ocean level, the area is surrounded by the Simi Hills toward the north and the Santa Monica Mountains toward the south. Westlake Village Homes for Sale

Chumash Indians

Around 3,000 years back, Chumash Indians moved into the locale and lived by chasing rabbits and other diversion, collected grains and oak seeds. On-going ground moving, archeological destinations, and polychrome shake works of art in the zone give a look into the social and financial many-sided quality of the old Chumash world. In 1770, Captain Gaspar de Portola drove a gathering of Spanish pilgrims and preachers, voyaging north on the course that got to be distinctly known as the El Camino Real. The gathering stayed outdoors almost a Chumash town, accepted to be the site of present-day Westlake Village CA. Father Juan Crespi, cleric and diarist of the endeavor, thought of: “We are on a plain of significant degree and much magnificence, forested on all parts by live oaks and oak trees, with much pasturage and water.” Westlake Village Homes for Sale


At the point when the Spanish at long last settled the zone, they were given gigantic gifts of land, the biggest of which was Rancho Simi, given to the Pico family. At the point when Mexico won freedom from Spain in 1821, California turned into a region of Mexico, and a couple of more land stipends were given. At the point when California was admitted to the union in 1850, the vast majority of the land that later got to be Ventura County was separated among just 19 families. The beautiful future Westlake Village CA site among rising meadows, arroyos, barrancas and old oaks was perceived as the focal piece of two Mexican land gifts: Rancho El Conejo and Rancho Las Virgenes. In 1881, the Russell siblings bought a huge segment of the land for dairy cattle farming. As per Patricia Allen, history specialist and family relative, Andrew Russell beat the opposition in purchasing the land by hustling crosswise over 6,000 sections of land on a fifteen-minute outing in a buckboard and took care of business with a $20 gold piece. The cost per section of land was $2.50. The range kept on being known as the Russell Ranch despite the fact that it was sold in 1925 to William Randolph Hearst and again in 1943 to Fred Albertson. The Russell family rented back part of the land to proceed with its effective steers farm operation while the Albertson Company utilized the unfathomable real esatate as a motion picture farm. Numerous motion pictures and network shows were recorded here, including “Robin Hood,” “Lord Rat,” “Laredo,” and different scenes of “Tarzan,” “Buck Rogers,” “Gunsmoke,” and “Bonanza.” Westlake Village Homes for Sale

The Master Plan

In 1963, the American-Hawaiian Steamship Company purchased the 12,000 section of land farm for $32 million and, in association with Prudential Insurance Company, charged the arrangement of an all-inclusive strategy for a “City in the nation.” Prominent draftsmen, architects, and land organizers partook in outlining a remarkable, coordinated group that has turned into a broadly acclaimed display for the arranged group idea. “The City in the nation” was named Westlake Village and soon got to be distinctly perceived as one of America’s best rural areas and finest ranges to live, work and raise a family. Westlake Village Homes for Sale

Today, a populace of 8,415 dwells inside this delightful, regular habitat of honor winning neighborhoods, flourishing organizations, and advantageous ways of life. The first planned area of Westlake Village is transected corner to corner by the Los Angeles and Ventura County line. The Los Angeles County side, comprising of 3,457 sections of land, was joined as the City of Westlake Village in 1981 and turned into the 82nd region in Los Angeles County. The Ventura County side, contained the staying 8,545 sections of land of the first Russell farm, was attached into the City of Thousand Oaks in two parts in 1968 and 1972. The knowledge of the ace organizers in saving, securing and improving the regular habitat of the range is apparent today in the steady development and essentialness of Westlake Village. Westlake Village Homes for Sale

Westlake Village Homes for Sale

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Westlake Village Homes for Sale


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Here are all the places to grab a bite to eat in Westlake Village, CA. From fast food to formal sit down dining. We’ve got you covered.

Click “View Larger Map” in the top left of Google Maps to see all the restaurant ratings.