Westlake Village Single Story Homes

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Westlake Village Single Story Homes

Tired of Stairs? These are the best single story homes for sale in Westlake Village


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Single Story Homes…It’s a popular challenge for homebuyers: Should you purchase a single-story home, or a house with several levels? The customary American home design often includes common spaces on the ground level and more secluded areas (bedrooms, offices) on upper levels. While each one lends its own benefits, we are here to deliver the ins and outs why a single-story house layout may be just the solution for your family. 

  1. Ideal for Aging in Place and Kids Alike. (Single Story Homes)
    Many older people depend on on a walker or wheelchair for getting around. For these folks, heading up and down on stairs is at best a challenge, and at worst an impossible hurdle. Single story homes are picture-perfect for those aging in place since they permit freedom of roaming at any age. Certainly, the elderly are not the only ones for which stairs can be an issue. Young kids may also be better with a single story design.

Furthermore, maintenance is mostly easier with a single story home. Even if you’re an active athlete who doesn’t mind climbing those stairs, you’ll most likely find it tough to maintain the outside of second levels. Having a single story home, you’ll easily be able to access all spaces of your house with a ladder—a handy advantage.

  1. Single Story Home Floor Plans Suggest Energy Efficiency. (Single Story Homes)
    It’s much easier to heat a single story home than a two story, generally speaking. Most common single story home floor plans showcase a central shared living space, bordered by more isolated rooms such a bedroom or office. Hot and cool air purely flows through a single story home. Contrarily, multi-story homes require more intricate (and typically costly) HVAC systems.
  2. Plenty of Wide Open Space. (Single Story Homes)
    Single story homes usually provide a liberal common area, often called the “Family Triangle” of dining room, kitchen, and living room. Though older houses compartmentalized these rooms off with floor to ceiling walls. Traditional single story homes are mostly designed to bring these three spaces into one big, open space. Vaulted ceilings and over-sized windows are commonly utilized here, to create a relaxed and beautiful space where the entire family will naturally want to hang out.

That being said, the architectural battle of keeping everything on just one level stimulates home designers and architects to get imaginative with open floor space in single story homes.

  1. Simple to Expand Living Space…if your lot allows. (Single Story Homes)
    Presuming you have a big enough lot, it’s quite easy to add another outdoor living space, such as; a deck, sunroom, or extended patio to a single story home. On the flip side, a multi-level home will require an engineer and or general contractor to even consider expansion. The effortlessness of expanding outdoor living spaces transforms to a bold or intimate inside/outside connection for most single story homes.
  2. Yes, it’s affordable. (Single Story Homes)
    Most of the time, single story homes are less expensive to construct and to maintain than their multiple-level counterparts.

Lastly, we’ll wrap up with a reassurance that your single story home space does not have to feel overcrowded. Certainly, without the structural stresses of upper levels, architects and designers traditionally have more freedom to select taller ceiling heights and design in additional skylights and windows. The modern single story home can have an impression of feeling open and expansive, if you pick the right design and details.

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